Thinking of You

(when you’re not here)

I’ll be loving you

When the summer sun comes sizzling down the skyway

When my rusty pickup rambles down the highway

and the ocean roars and calls me from the byway

It’s my way

to be loving you.

I’ll be loving you

When the silver moon sits glowing in the icy dark

When children flying kites play in the park

and young lovers carve their hearts and names in bark

I’ll make my mark

by loving you.

You’re the stream of life that runs through all I do and say

And I guess the truth is it’ll always be this way

There’s no sense in hiding what I’m feeling here today

It’s here to stay

For as long as I can say

I’ll be loving you

And when this life is through

And I meet the other ones who’ve gone along before

When they ask about my days here on this mortal shore

I’ll talk of times and seasons and the storied times of yore,

but I’ll say so much more

about loving you

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