Life in Three Stanzas

William Stapleton

I danced and sang and waved my hands,
            and gave my highest praise.
            Striving, stretching, reaching out
            to the One, of Ancient Days.
                        When my life was new and the Spirit grew
                        and breathed and throbbed inside.
            I longed to drink His passion in:
                        It crushed my heart of stone.
                        His power and fury drove me on
                        to heights I had not known.
Those days for me were wild and free
I rode God’s rushing tide.

Then life became a drama
            of the ones who could not see.
            How lost, alone and shepherd-less
            they never could be free.
                        I heard the call, and gave my all,
                         ‘til independence died.
            Then with joy I wept for the multitudes
                        who would be His at the end,
                        standing near the throne; humbly bowing down:
                        Life was His, not mine to spend.
His love for them pressed me in again
as I stood there by His side.

Now the book is my companion
            and I cherish every word.
            Striving, thriving, reaching up
            for the wisdom few have heard.
                        It amazes me that the mystery
                        is as simple as “abide.”
            Nights I sit alone and ponder
                        how His words bring life and breath.
                        I can scarce explain how His love could reign
                        in a heart still stained by death.
But at times I know how His love can show
light, beyond my foolish pride.
Just like in my youth, still a crushing truth
breathes His life in me, still all wild and free,
and I hear the call; and still give my all.
And His love for them draws me in again,
‘til the mystery becomes clear to see
that it’s more of Him and less of me.
Better I should say “we,” His bride.

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