To The One Who Knows
William Stapleton

Did you know?
Before the day I gave my word, that I would make you king and Lord?
Did you see through clouds obscuring a future yet enduring?
Or was it that you understood who I would be and saw all things that are to me appealing?

                        At first, if past is dead and future not yet written, even planned,
                        how is it that you hold it in your hand? 
                        Moreover, of the place in which you stand?
                        Is that a land, or just a shapeless room; an open ceiling?
                        Who knows?

Did you see?
What had, as yet, no defining form: An outline only in chaotic storm,
that would in time give rise to being.  Is that what you were seeing?
Or was it just perhaps, perchance, contingency and circumstance,
light revealing?

                        In every case I cannot show, because I cannot know
                        what it really is you know.  It all just seems to go
                        from past to future, fleeting present moment flies by so
                        all appears pre-planned and executed here below.
                        But is it?
Then you touch me!
I stand amazed at smug and self-assured, who’ve boxed you in, yet you endured
the limiting, defining of your being by those un-knowing and un-seeing.
You, who ex-nihilo calls to be all we mere mortals deign to see, could you not just as easily have entered time to make us free,
crimes undone, new life un-sealing?

                         You stand in wonder too, aghast at every opening way we’ve passed
                        amazed, surprised, you chose it so, a mystery to behold, the flow
                        of time and choice and openness, to know the end, yet live with less
                        moment to moment, self-revealing, not concealing,
                        You knew!

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