On The Overcoming
A Sonnet

William Stapleton

His feet shall gain no purchase on this earth
whose road in life was never pocked by pain,
or who, securing passage and a berth,
not to his peer or better stood the bane.

Although in aim we cast our selves aside,
the will to power; to best is ever strong.
And fear we shall, those ever who deride
each noble try to mankind to belong.

But He is ever near Whose life,
call we upon His name to bear,
shall move us beyond fear and strife.

And where He reigns true man prevails
and death and dearth pass fast away
His mighty wind fill up our sails.


Techincal Note:  This was an attempt at the Italian Sonnet, 14 lines, wherein the rhyming pattern is ABAB CDCD EFE GHG.  The octet (the first two quatrains) states the problem, and the sestet, (latter two tercets) provide the resolution. In a further attempt to bend this form just a bit, I kept the octet to the traditional 10 syllables, but reduced the sestet to lines of 8 syllables each.

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