A Life in Trees and Sky

William Stapleton


Trees are always trying to reach the sky;
arms stretched out toward heaven
‘til their leaves turn brown and die.
Then will come the winter,
when they stand the icy wind.
waiting for the sun to shine
and spring to come again.

The drama’s reinacted every year:
Leaves come down like clouds of doubt and fear.
While on the ground, the winter passes by,
every tree keeps reaching to the sky.

Life is all around for us to hold.
Spring will come again
when we forget the winter cold.
Soon will be the summer,
when the evenings linger long
with jokes and quips and camping trips,
a kindred summer song.

            The time won’t last forever, we can see;
            still, we should learn the lesson of the tree.
            In winter snow or summer’s long good-bye,
            trees keep reaching upward to the sky.

I lift up my eyes toward the sky;
know my heart and home are there,
where the ones before me lie.
One day, I’ll be gathered up
and carried to that place
where I shall know as I am known,
and see my Maker’s face.

It’s appointed unto us just once to be:
            We linger here, but soon we’ll be set free.
             No more reaching upward ‘til we die,
            Our roots stay here.  We reach beyond the sky.

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