Redemption Hymn

William Stapleton

            I ride the ribbon of righteousness
            provided by the perfect One;
            my benefit to buy at His behest.
            Made dark that I might stand the sun.

                        Not that ever in this world I’d be;
                        only this side of the veil to see
                        what surely shall become of me;
                        in spite of all my perfidy,
                        someday when I am free.

            I had believed the ribbon would lift me high
            to visions of His greater glory:
            Longed-for revealing, through His life,
            of my complete redemption story.

                        But I’ve been taken low instead,
                        to face rebellion, sin and dread;
                        given time to render fully dead
                        the willful pride that always led.
                        It died, and how it bled.

            No man’s cruel touch could bring such pain
            as in that dark night I embraced;
            still, in the blinding light remained
            and knew forgiveness open faced.

                        When standing there He said to me:
                        “And your accusers?” I turned to see
                        judges looking down, stood silently,
                        and I myself completely free.
                        I never thought I’d be.

            Waves free now break this icy shore;
            crest crushing, melt the barren cold;
            Sunrise upon my darkened earth.
            New roads to walk; new worlds behold.

                        Stars and spheres aligned again
                        new house for us, who call His name.
                        Remade as by its first design,
                        when snake and spider lose their shame
                        wild again made tame.

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